Hydrotech Systems

Air preheater and gas-gas heater cleaning
to a guaranteed restoration of efficiency
within a 48 hour plant shut down

Hydrotech Systems

Hydrotech Systems

Hydrotech Systems

Company Profile

Hydrotech® Systems was established in 1984 to design and build industrial cleaning systems. The company has established itself as world market leader in specialist automated air preheater and FGD gas-gas heater cleaning contractor, cleaning all types of air preheater including Ljungström ® and Rothemühle®  rotary regenerative air preheaters.

Hydrotech has carried out its services to all major power generators in over 21 countries and is easily able to perform contracts world wide with minimum inconvenience to all parties concerned. Hydrotech also work with various clients in finding solutions to a range of industrial cleaning problems.

Power station emissions and clean coal technology

The more efficient a power station is, the less fuel it requires to produce power, so plant efficiency is key in achieving lower volume of carbon emissions(CO2) that could potentially be released into the atmosphere. Hydrotech’s air preheater cleaning system removes fouling which has a direct effect on power station efficiency. Clean Air preheaters provide better control for the gas and air temperatures resulting in better management of the level of emissions.

In addition to lower carbon emission coal fired power stations are also committed to huge reductions in emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), particulates and nitrogen oxide (NOx), by the installation of FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) plants. Hydrotech gas-gas heater cleaning system is used to remove fouling and restore efficiency of FGD units.

Extensive expertise of  world wide power stations

It is an absolute truism that a company is only as good as its people. Hydrotech is proud that many of its employees have been working for the company for over 15 years, many of whom are multi lingual and have an extensive knowledge of power plants around the world. 

Hydrotech expertise in power station air preheater  and gas - gas heater cleaning is second to none. Hydrotech has a fleet of high pressure pumps and vehicles at its disposal and is able to respond to a request for cleaning anywhere in the world almost immediately.

Hydrotech is very proud of its reputation as a company who can solve problem cleaning situations, welcoming the challenge of analysing new and different cleaning problems and developing practical solutions.


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